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Background: the Christian Union was established in 1919 and had been mandated by the South African Railways and Harbours Administration [now Transnet Ltd] to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to railway employees and their families throughout the country, including neighbouring countries like South West Africa [now Namibia].

Current Ministry: The thrust of the ministry is at the hand of a team of committed evangelists who dedicated their lives to the railways by means of group ministry, counselling, and hospital/house visitation.This is supplemented by publications like the official magazine The Railway Messenger, which is treasured by all our readers, and newsletters which are distributed regularly.

Electronic Services: We are blessed with the launch of our electronic services, including this website, as extension to the current ministry of the Christian Union, which enable us to transcend physical boundaries and limitations in fulfilling our mission to preach the gospel!

Our website is under continual construction, and we sincerely invite you to check back regularly to furnish us with comments that will help us in rendering better service.

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You can reach us at +27 41 456 1008 and by fax at +27 86 551 3159, or contact us by e-mail at: admin@christianunion.co.za

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